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Building Resilience

Willow Haven Counseling is a virtual practice that provides trauma-focused therapy services across North Carolina. Build your sense of safety and begin healing by seeking out counseling services today.


All appointments are provided
through telehealth, allowing you greater flexibility and easier access to
therapy services.

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Meet the Therapist

Life can be rough. At times it leaves us stuck in a place of hopelessness, filled with despair and anguish. The feelings can get so thick and heavy that it feels as though we may never find a way out. I believe that you deserve to find a way out and that therapy can help with the journey. As a therapist, I listen to your story, gain an understanding of your experiences, and collaborate with you to accomplish your goals in a way that makes sense for you. Clinical interventions are tailored to meet your needs and align with your goals.

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an 8 phase treatment that allows you to develop a trusting relationship with your therapist, gain the skills to regulate your emotions and body, and begin to heal from your trauma. EMDR is most often used to treat PTSD or other traumas but is also used for panic attacks, depression, addictions, and anxiety. During processing, I use bilateral stimulation (BLS) or alternating movements while you recall a past distressing event. BLS is provided virtually through self-tapping, eye movement software, and/or scribbling. While processing, you will gradually be guided to shift thoughts from the traumatic experience to more comforting thoughts such as “I’m safe now” or “I am good enough regardless”. The goal of EMDR is to make disturbing memories less immobilizing.

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Willow Haven Counseling offers sliding scale pricing for all clients. The sliding scale is a tool of economic justice in which those with access to more resources pay more and thus provide the cushion for those with less access to pay less ensuring therapy services are accessible to all in need. Therapy services are $50-$200 per session depending on where each client feels they fall on the scale. If additional sliding scale is needed please reach out for further discussion of your needs.

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